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After the successful launch of the No!No!Skin system, a radical design change was required to the company's flagship system, the No!No!Hair, the company's personal hair removal system.

There were two main reasons for the design renewal: the first is to create a new corporate identity for the No!No! family according to the No!No!Skin. the second was the complexity and long assembly time required for the existing system.

The design concept formulated for the No!No!Hair is based on three basic principles created to the No!No!Skin: a structure that allows simple and fast production and assembly, the possibility of changing the external appearance of the system and adapting it to different user markets, an appearance that will remove any medical appeal from the system. The design is based on a central plastic chassis that includes and carry all the system components, and two aluminum covers, on both sides, giving it a contemporary look and an upgrade to the system's visibility.

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